Cannabuy Multi-Complex Tincture

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Have you ever needed something to take the edge off? Something that you could use to ease your senses and bring just a little bit more relaxation and joy to your day? Do you suffer from any kind of chronic pain? Or are you looking for any source of quick relief? Then our  tincture is just what you’re looking for. Many people use tinctures for a good reason. They are very simple to use, gives the user more direct control over the dosage for a more personalized experience, but most importantly is that they get results!

We understand that there’s a lot out there that might confuse you about Multi-Complex and dosages about what’s right for you. So in consideration for that we decided to make it very simple for you. For those who are new we have the “600mg”, and for those with some experience that require something stronger we have the “12000mg”.

Our soft-gels also provide numerous benefits such as stress relief, easing pain, help with discomfort, relaxation, and an overall better mood.

-Refrigerate for maximum freshness
• Food Grade
• Can be used on the skin

No Dietary Restrictions
For those curious our tinctures are 100% Vegan and Gluten free. Meaning they should fit right in to almost any diet.

Quality Guarantee
Cannabuy is committed to providing top quality products and the best customer care. We are proud to help bring health and wellness to you all and be with you on this journey. We stand by the extraordinary benefits and huge potential of what our hemp offers and invite you to experience the benefits for yourself. We know you’ve probably been let down by too many products at this point. Be it poor taste, getting delivered expired products, or absolutely ABSURD labeling regarding dosage. Knowing this, what we strive for is to deliver a genuine product and experience.




– This product contains 1.9mg of hemp in a single droplet. 

– 320 total droplets per bottle.

– 30mg in a full dropper (0.75 mL)

– 15mg in a half dropper (0.375 mL)


– This product contains 1.9mg of hemp in a single droplet. 

– 640 total droplets per bottle.

– 40mg in a full dropper (1.0 mL)

– 20mg in a half dropper (0.5 mL)